Hi there, we are the digital superheroes and we developed our HelloGuest and DataHoreca platform.

Meet the team!

Jan Jaap Nijemeisland

Jan Jaap Nijemeisland

What we do?

Beacon management

Connect your beacons to the Sensimity platform easily; enter UUID, major and minor and give your beacon a name. Then organize your beacons in networks

Statistics & Analytics

Using ongoing development on statistics and analytics Sensimity will provide you with the insights you need. From dwell time to heatmaps, from visits to effectiveness.

Content & Business Rules

Sensimity allows you to connect your content to business rules, which are added to the beacons. Per beacon you can connect several business rules for different interactions.


Connect you app to your beacons with our straight forward API. Integration of beacons and interactions within your app was never easier. Use standard SDK for development.

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