Statistics & Analytics

how your beaconnetwork(s) perform(s)

Get insight in how your ibeacons are performing. See the statistics of usage per selected period, per beacon and per network. Also see the analytics of the interactions within networks and with beacons.

Few things about Statistics & Analytics

Statistics deliver you the insights into the way that your beacons are operating. They will show you how often a signal has been received by a user, how long people have been around a beacon (dwell time) and will tell you which interactions out of different beacons have been shown. It will also show you where within your network the most active beacons can be found and how your beacons in total are performing.

With analytics we will give you more insight into the beaconnetworks that you have. Based on the build up data over time we can even tell you how different networks of the same type have been performing in relationship to eachother. All of that for you to get your audience or your solution to work better.

Do you like Statistics & Anaytics on beacons? Let’s get started right away!

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