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Easily connect beacons to content using business rules. Setting up interactions with beacons through proximity and direction made very easy..

Few things about Business Rules and Content

With business rules connected to your beacons, you can manage the type of information you want to have shown within your apps. It will tell your app what interaction to load after a notification is openend. Or where to go within an app when it is being used actively, so people don’t have to navigate through their app by hand anymore.

Through Sensimity you will be able to deliver different types of content, which you can relate to the interaction you have set up. Say you close to a beacon (5-10 meters), you can inform the user with a notification which then will go and show you either: a link to content, content to display in a page, an interaction within your app (like using a camera), or displaying an image or a video.

Do you like those business rules? Let’s get started right away!

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