iBeacon Management

beacons & networks

Connect your beacons to your apps. Any beacon (brand) can be added and then organized in (multiple) networks. Add beacons easily with the Sensimity app (near future).

A bit more detail about Beacon Management

With the beacon management toolset we offer the opportuniity to connect any beacon to Sensimity. This can be done by adding the beacon’s technical details (UUID, Major, Minor) and name them for recognition. In the near future (expected Q2 2016) we will also deliver an app for registering beacons in a more easy way. The app recognizes the beacon and will add them to your account, so you can name and place them.

Once your beacons have been added to Sensimity, your beacons can be organized into networks (multiple) and subnetworks. Of course adding beacons in multiple networks is no problem. Through the API a request of the beacons in a network can then be done. Giving you the beacons for your app at the moment you need them.

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