Beacon Based Apps

At Sensimity Software Solutions we are all about apps and all about beacons. That is where our name has its origin: Sensing Proximity and with that delivering solutions.


Our initial and primary app is named HelloGuest, which you can find the app and play store. HelloGuest offers our clients to deliver suitable and local coupons to their guests.


Our backend is named DataHoreca, and gives you the possibility to create your campaigns and coupons. At the same time it will show you usage statistics of the app in its own environment.

Worldwide availability

Are you interested in applying HelloGuest in your environment, at your premises? Don’t hesitate and contact us. Our solution is available immediately and we operate worldwide.

The HelloGuest & DataHoreca Platform

Beacon management

Connect your beacons to the Sensimity platform easily; enter UUID, major and minor and give your beacon a name. Then organize your beacons in networks

Campaigns & Coupons

HelloGuest and DataHoreca allow you to setup up- and cross sell campaigns with your own suitable, locally interesting coupons. Only at your premises the offer is delivered.

Statistics & Analytics

Using ongoing development on statistics and analytics Sensimity will provide you with the insights you need. From dwell time to heatmaps, from visits to effectiveness.


Connect you app to your beacons with our straight forward API. Integration of beacons and interactions within your app was never easier. Use standard SDK for development.


Find out answers to some common questions within this section. Your question not here? Ask us!

Sensimity is a platform for support of all beacon interaction within iOS and Android based smartphone apps. It makes it easy to insert interaction within apps, without having to updating and editing your app all the time. By requesting app-related beacons and app-related interactions (based on business rules you set up) you get a full set of functionality for your app without submitting your app to the app stores all the time. Next to that your users/administrators can add, change and delete beacons and interactions at all time.

Next to that with delivering your beacon interactions (with a Sensimity based service) you get full insights in your beacon usage through well defined and continuously updates statistics and analytics.

We support any beacon within Sensimity. Whilst adding beacons manually you can enter any UUID for a beacon, therefore enabling any beacon to be processed within an app. Using the Sensimity-app we will add a whole range of known and therefore supported beacons. When a specific type of beacon is missing, send us a message and we will add support for that type of beacon as well.

Check our price plans for the costs. We have made a straight forward, clean and simple price plan for Sensimity. And even better: you can use Sensimity with upto 3 beacons for free!

You can buy any beacon you like. Either order them at Estimote, or Glimworm. Or buy our own beacons, which we also offer at special prices based on the plan you choose to work with.

Beacons come in all kind of types. Basic beacons with normal functionality, but also we can supply beacons which are solar-cell powered.

Or directly go to the webshop of one of our beacon-based applications: Luggo.

Application Areas

Beacons can be used in a broad range of areas and sectors. Discover some of them here:

Beacons offer retailer the possibilities to reach out to possible customers through their smartphones. By passing by, approaching or entering the customer can be informed on

  • new products
  • special offers
  • personalized offers
  • location information
  • shop assistance

For the retailer, information will be gathered that is interesting for their business proposal:

  • dwell time of customers within and in front of their store
  • activity on open rate of notifications
  • information on on-floor visiting mapping
  • analysis for store- and streetplan improvements

Within the travel sector there is a lot possible with beacons.

On airports with beacons the traveler journey can be improved and supported. Options delivered are for example:

  • check-in and boarding pass support
  • gate information and routing to gates
  • retail-based offers within tax-free zone

Another development for travelers by Enrise (the creators of Sensimity) is suitcase tracking. Using a beacon within a suitcase helps travelers to see when their suitcases are arriving on the luggage belt without having to push themselves upfront: Luggo

Also for hotels and restaurants beacons offer many possibilities:
    • checking in at the desk of a hotel
    • opening doors with your smartphone
    • tours and trip promotions at entrance of hotels or information desks
  • special offers for restaurants and bars (at location

Event organizers can use beacons to assist and inform visitors in a variety of different ways:

  • festival and event access based on beacon access
  • route information, location information
  • actual info on the place you are at that moment
  • evaluation requests based on location and time
  • speaker updates based on proximity
  • crowdcontrol and route information

Using the beacons visitors can receive enriched information on where they are, and even on the spot buy access tickets for specialized programmes.

Schools, institutes and universities can use beacons to address students personally and collect info from them on:

  • presence at classes
  • changes in schedules
  • feedback on classes
  • facility support like offers and payments in cantinas
  • information on which class is held in which room

Also, like shopping areas, routing and traffic of students in busy educational buildings can be controlled and optimized.

For hospitals als locations alike, identical information could be given to patients, visitors and medical staff.
    • inform and guide doctors and visitors where patients are located
    • update medical information based on patient-related beacons
    • guidance to special areas within hospitals
  • inform patients and visitors on waiting times at specialized areas

We keep developing

Our platform will never be ready. There is always something nice to add or something to improve. We will continuously be working on this. And the good part of it all is, that since this is a Software as a Solution based platform, you will always get these updates automatically. In time we will also share our roadmap to be prepared of the wonderful additions that we will add to Sensimity!

Find out why Sensimity is the solution for your beacon based apps and solutions

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